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Then you think, "If I put them in the garbage now, I will have to take it out before they go from bad to worse, but if I leave them in the fridge where they are cold, I can throw them out tomorrow and not take out the garbage today!" This is a bad plan. OMG, I'm the same. I'm 21 and exact the same. HAHAHA! This is so me and what's even more hilarious is that it's what happened to me today. MY life, and then writing about it as if it's yours? I have to force myself to always answer my phone, lest I get trapped in a voicemail avoidance death spiral. Ah, the skill required to procrastinate like a real pro... I am reallllllllly (note the emphasis there) trying to stick with a new cleaning regimen. This totally encapsulates my life. Looking forward to the next post!!! OOoh! You're so hard on yourself! Oh man, you are my lost clone, aren't you? So, you can see my dilemma.  My husband and I have both gotten frustrated. Thanks for making us laugh and making us less lonely... Or daily teeth brushing. But only one at a time. Oh guilt... thou art a heartless bitch. Yeah, this "adulthood" business is definitely overrated.

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This isn't funny. This is just my life.sigh. This is comforting to read. When I fail out of high school and just at life in general I'll have to remember to go back and read this post and find comfort in the fact that I'm not alone in my utter lack of capacity for responsibility. It's because the ability to say "no" is nowhere near as seductive as the lure of accomplishing "yes." On the upside? In his defense, he's been single most of the last 50 years. I thought it might be fun to be the nonsensical voice of dissent.I'm a real adult. I'm 33 with 3 children and I still struggle with all the BS that must be tackled each day. I look at my friends and have decided that truly Responsible Adults are about as common out there as purple unicorns; it was all a lie perpetuated by our parents in effort to get us to morph into this nearly mythical creature.Or else that I don't really want to know any Responsible Adults, because I probably wouldn't want to hang out with them anyway (admittedly, partly due to the feelings of inadequacy I'd have around them, but) mostly due to boredom from their irrepressibly RESPONSIBLE, planned-out lives.I don't want to be a responsible adult any more. ADULT WEEK, SLACKER WEEK, ADULT WEEK, FAILURE WEEK.Sigh.Half adults half failures rejoice! It has been very frustrating.  He cries. The longer I procrastinate on returning phone calls and emails, the more guilty I feel about it. I feel your pain... I'm constantly promising myself I will grow up and magically morph into an adult, then I have the horrible realization that this is just who I am. In fact, I am procrastinating right now. Yusssssss...it would be a powerful apron of yes-ness!!

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I'm just going to start linking to this post when someone asks me why I haven't done X, Y, or Z.The worst part is when you realize all of your aspirational groceries have gone bad and you need to throw them away. Damn. It's, like, john fox creative writing common courtesy. My husband and I are thinking about starting to reproduce but I'm (secretly) terrified because I REALLY enjoy being lazy and babies have a habit of not letting you be lazy. I am with money, I'm the responsible one!You are definitely not alone in this, as there are 116 comments ahead of mine. Meh I'll be willing to move eventually. Thank you for validating my existence. I cannot believe that you just reminded me with this post that I have to get new keys for my mail box. If you're born that way... you stay that way. I survived, so I win my first trophy.I fear my second year will be much harder, so I'll probably spiral out of control, because spiraling out of control is a lot more fun than just losing control. Trying to be an adult sucks sometimes. I'm considering that milk one though. OMFG! LOL!! :D THIS IS ME!!And your illustrations are SPOT ON!:)This responsibility thing's like a f* pendulum. Love the post!....this is probably a bad time to mention it, but I sent you an e-mail re: stuffeed alots :D Did you get it?

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I'm at the bottom of this spiral, yet again. I get super amped to keep my house clean at least once a week. And after eating, he just wants to play with his sister. Now my life is to the point of "If you don't grow up and be responsible, I'll make you so sick YOU'LL WANT TO DIEEE!!" And that sucks. That's funny, I just spent last night (re)reading every post on this blog instead of cleaning all things, or being otherwise responsible. And I don't know how to clean my shower. But, ummmmm.....don't think of it as a responsibility, cuz' according to this post, it would never get done. I'm like that too. If by some rare spark of luck I don't burn out, something awful happens like my car explodes or my roof caves in. Even when you're 40, you'll still reward your successes with giant ice cream cones. There are no words. Ok. Maybe one. I understand. Last night I stayed up until 6AM (6AM!!!!!!) internet-ing, and today I woke up, told myself I should go grocery shopping and clean my apartment, and ended up internet-ing for another 3 hours.

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Or when my husband harasses me beyond my ability to ignore him. He is much more willing to do the work in the morning, but it is hard for me because of everything else that goes on in the morning. I'm 16 and I procrastinate on everything. I'm exactly the same way, except for the grocery shopping. The 'Nessies' could be called from the loch by the two children by means of their "thistle whistles". I love your drawings, i can't force myself to do my homework they are so expressive!! I procrastinate and guilt until the last second, then stay up for unGodly amounts of time to prepare for whatever it is (catering a vow renewal, getting married, term papers, etc.).

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